Geon PART II. The Soul Soul


12. Three Characteristics of the Soul

13. Where is Heaven (Spirit World)?

14. String Theory

15. Why Can't We See God?

16. The Soul Is a Gravitational Geon

17. The End-of-Life EEG Surge

18. Hades

19. Out-of-Body Experience at Near Death

20. Perception of the Mind Geon

21. Hallucination, illusion and Theta Rhythms

22. Perception of the Hades Geon

23. Out-of-Body Experience in Healthy People

24. Ghosts and Theta Rhythms

25. Psychedelics: Peek Into Heaven

26. A Scientific Method for the Glance of Heaven

27. The Lifetime of a Hades Geon

28. Life Review at Near Death

29. Resurrection

30. Reincarnation


The soul is an entity capable of entering Heaven to unite with the spiritual body and become immortal. According to the String Theory, gravitational waves are the only thing that can enter ten-dimensional (10D) space. Therefore, if Heaven is located in the 10D space, the soul must comprise gravitational waves only. In physics, such entity is known as a "gravitational geon".


Author: Frank Lee