Geon Wireless Communication in the Brain
III. Where is Working Memory Located?



Working memory is the small amount of information that can be held in mind and manipulated for cognitive tasks. A traditional view of working memory is that the information is maintained in stationary persistence of neural activity. Recent studies suggest that the neural activity is highly dynamic during the maintenance period. It could drop to baseline when attention shifts away. The mechanism of dynamic coding and "activity-silent" working memory is largely unknown. It was proposed that the information could be stored in the short-term synaptic plasticity. However, the model lacks the flexible, precise pattern and timing needed for accurate neural representations. Computer modeling also shows that the synaptic model cannot manipulate the stored information. This paper shows that the working memory could be located in the mind which is distinct from the brain. As discussed in Paper 12, the mind is a Bose–Einstein condensate (BEC) of gravitational (GR) and electromagnetic (EM) waves, also known as a "geon". The Geon Hypothesis can explain how the working memory comes from attention which is controlled by the alpha rhythms in the central executive network. The working memory information is encoded in gamma-modulated GR/EM waves which serve as qubits (quantum bits). The maintenance of working memory depends on the coherence time of qubits, which may last longer than 10 seconds if embedded in BEC. The central executive network could employ theta rhythms to manipulate the information stored in the mind geon.


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