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1. Introduction to Microtubules

2. Microtubules at the Axon Initial Segment (AIS)

3. Why are Action Potentials initiated at AIS?

4. Local Field Potential (LFP), EEG and MEG

5. Neural Oscillations at the Intrinsic Resonance Frequency

6. Local Synchronization via Gap Junctions

7. Local Synchronization via Interneurons

8. Local Synchronization via Ephaptic Coupling

9. Evidence for Long-Range Synchronization

10. Introduction to Electromagnetic Coupling

11. Wireless Communication in the Brain

12. Microtubules as the Receiving Antennas

13. Global Synchronization of Alpha Rhythms

14. Global Synchronization of Beta Rhythms

15. The Role of Parkin in Parkinson's Disease

16. The Roles of GSK-3β and LRRK2 in Parkinson's Disease

17. The Origin of Cortical Hyperexcitability in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis