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Figure 22. The Last Judgment requires the soul carry life history, consistent with the "live review" at near-death. [Source: Wikipedia]

Life review is a near-death experience, in which a person rapidly recalls much of his or her life history within a few seconds. It occurs mostly during cardiac arrest or drowning. This conscious perception suggests that, at near-death, the gravitational (GR) waves encoding life history have been generated and captured by the soul geon. From the religious point of view, a soul geon carrying life history is necessary for identifying an individual and for the last judgment. Scientifically, the life review could result from the functional loss of the enzyme, Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII), which is a central player in memory.

The detailed mechanism is described in another booklet, Born to Forget, Die to Remember. In short, it is quite similar to the spontaneous thoughts that everyone has experienced. When we are alone, some past events can still pop up in our mind even without any stimuli. The recall of past events is regulated by CaMKII, which controls many memory-related proteins. In a healthy brain, CaMKII in certain neurons may be occasionally inhibited by a specific protein, resulting in spontaneous recall of a couple of events. In a dying brain, the functional loss of CaMKII in most neurons triggers the recall of almost the entire life history.