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Figure 21. Illustration for the out-of-body experience. While a person is lying on a bed, he has the perception of looking at his own body from an elevated position. [Source: Wikipedia]

The out-of-body experience is the perception of looking at one's own body from an elevated position while lying on a bed. During the out-of-body experiences, the person can even see the object on top of his or her head. The case of Pam Reynolds is a famous example. While she was nearly dead, she could see the doctor use a special tool to open her skull. This ability can be explained by the creation of a soul geon located around the brain. The gravitational geon by itself has consciousness. It may perceive whatever information in the geon. Based on Einstein's General Relativity, the presence of objects will distort the space-time. The gravitational waves in a geon represent the fluctuation of space-time's curvature. Therefore, alteration of the curvature by the presence of objects in an operating room, including people and equipment, can be sensed directly by the geon.

The scene perceived by a soul geon may be considered as the "prototype" of human perception. Our normal perception, i.e., the scene perceived by a mind geon, includes also the information from sensory inputs. The prototype perception contains only the characteristics related to space-time's curvature, such as the size and shape of the objects. Without oxygen supply, the signal transmission of the nervous systems will fail. As a result, the soul geon created by a dying brain cannot see colors or hear voices because they are processed by visual and auditory systems, respectively. Since the out-of-body experience is independent of the visual system, even the blind can have it, as reported in the book, Mindsight: Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind, by Kenneth Ring.

From the reports of out-of-body experiences, it seems that the near-death patients can see objects within a few meters. The Geon Hypothesis predicts that they should be able to see objects covered by the geon. As discussed in this article, the size of a geon is likely to be about 5 meters in radius.