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Figure 21. Out-of-body experience. While a person is lying on a bed, he has the perception of looking at his own body from an elevated position. [Source: Wikipedia]

The out-of-body experience is the perception of looking at one's own body from an elevated position while he or she is lying on a bed. During the out-of-body experiences, the "self" can even see the entire surrounding, including the object on top of his or her head. The case of Pam Reynolds is a famous example. While she was nearly dead, she could see the doctor use a special tool to open her skull. This ability can be explained by the creation of a soul geon surrounding the entire body. The gravitational waves in a geon represent the fluctuation of space-time's curvature. Therefore, alteration of the curvature by the presence of objects in an operation room, including people and equipment, can be directly detected by the geon.

The direct perception of a soul geon does not involve sensory processing. In fact, it can no longer receive any sensory inputs since all synapses have stopped working. A soul geon should not be able to hear voices or see colors. Interestingly, it is possible for the blind to have out-of-body experiences, as reported in the book, Mindsight: Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind by Kenneth Ring.