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Figure 10. Neuronal activity is associated with accelerated motion of ions through ion channels embedded in a nerve membrane. [Source: Wikipedia]

Gravitational (GR) waves can be generated by neuronal activity which is associated with the motion of ions (e.g., Na+ and K+) passing through ion channels. Before ions enter the ion channels, they move slowly and randomly in the solution. As a neuron fires, a large number of ions will be passing through the channels, with acceleration driven by the electrochemical forces. Since an ion contains both charge and mass, the acceleration will generate both GR and electromagnetic (EM) waves. Their frequency is estimated to be about 10 MHz, which is in the radio range. Incidentally, high frequency is required for the creation of a gravitational geon.

A geon is a bound state of GR or EM waves. The attractive force between EM waves is too weak to form the bound state under practical conditions. However, the mutual attraction of GR waves is many orders of magnitude stronger. A gravitational geon comprising only GR waves could be created by synchronized brain activities. Brain waves are the manifestation of neural synchrony. The importance of synchronization in the creation of a geon explains why brain waves play a critical role in brain functions.