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Figure 7a. A gravitational geon is composed of only GR waves which are free to move around in the bulk universe.

In quantum physics, a gravitational (GR) wave is also called a graviton. According to the String Theory, graviton is a closed string which does not have endpoints to be restricted on a brane. Therefore, GR waves are free to move around in the bulk universe (Figure 7a). Among all elementary particles in the Standard Model (Figure 7b), the Higgs boson is the only particle whose string property is not clear. All other particles are known to be open strings, and thus should be restricted on a brane. Although the Higgs boson could be a closed string, it is a background particle. The entire universe is filled with Higgs particles, causing most elementary particles to have mass. Matter (substance with mass) is made up of these open-string particles. Consequently, all matter, like the photon, should be confined in the 3D world. Since the soul is an immaterial entity that can go to the 10D space (Heaven), it is hard to escape the conclusion that the soul must be a gravitational geon composed of only GR waves.


Figure 7b. The elementary particles in the Standard Model which can successfully explain the three fundamental interactions in our 3D world: electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear forces. However, the model does not incorporate the gravitational force.

According to the Bible, consciousness originates from God's breath of life. Obviously, this is only a metaphor, not the actual physical or physiological process. The loss of consciousness during deep sleep or general anesthesia is not because God takes away the breath of life. God does not need to give the breath of life every morning to wake us up. Instead, God has endowed our body with the ability to create a gravitational geon. The following chapters will explore how the geon is created by brain activity.