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Figure 6. The endpoints of an open string are restricted on a brane (represented by a black sheet). As a result, any open-string particle, including photon, cannot escape from the brane. This explains why we cannot see God if He lives outside our 3D brane. [Source: Wikipedia]

“you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live.” [Exodus 33:20]

Living people cannot see God. Why? The String Theory offers a very simple explanation.

Our eyes use visible light to see objects. At night, when there is no visible light, soldiers may use infrared to observe enemy's activities. In hospitals, X-ray is commonly used to detect possible symptoms inside our body. The visible light, infrared and X-ray are electromagnetic (EM) waves with different wavelengths. In quantum physics, the EM wave is also called a "photon".

The photon is an open-string particle which has two endpoints. The String Theory requires endpoints be restricted on a brane (Figure 6). Hence, a photon cannot escape from our 3D brane. It is impossible for us to use any EM wave to detect anything outside the brane. If Heaven is defined as the 10D space outside our 3D world, then God may be defined as the highly intelligent life in the 10D space. This definition, together with the String Theory, explains why we cannot see God.