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Figure 3. A soul should be conscious, able to carry life history to Heaven.

In modern English, the word "soul" refers to the spiritual part of a human being. As discussed in the previous chapter, this spirit is the origin of consciousness. Therefore, a soul must have consciousness. The mind also has consciousness, but it is associated with a living body. The soul is the spirit related to body's death. In the Bible, before Stephen was stoned to death, he called upon God, "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit" (Acts 7:59). "Spirit" here refers to the soul. From this verse, we can see that the soul is an entity that can go to Heaven, the abode of God.

The third characteristic that a soul should possess is life history. Most religions assert that, before going to Heaven or Hell, there will be a judgment, which takes place after resurrection. No two people can possibly have the same life history. Hence, a soul should carry life history to identify itself, ensuring that it is THE individual who is resurrected. This also allows the resurrected being to remember his or her past, otherwise the judgment would be meaningless.