Geon Research Papers



  1. Wireless Communication in the Brain: I. Evidence from Long Range Synchronization
  2. The Role of Microtubules and Tau Proteins in Neuronal Excitability
  3. mTOR, Tau and Neurodegeneration
  4. Neurodegeneration: From BDNF to Hyperexcitability
  5. Neurodegeneration: The Sites of Onset Predicted by Wireless Communication Model
  6. Neurodegeneration: From Hyperexcitability to Pathologic Tau, TDP-43 and α-Synuclein
  7. Alzheimer's Disease: The Role of AICD and Aβ in Excitability
  8. Modeling Alzheimer's Disease: The Artifact of APP and Presenilin Overexpression
  9. Alzheimer's Disease: The Effects of APP, Presenilin and ApoE4
  10. Alzheimer's Disease: The Role of Tau's Phosphatase-Activating Domain in Pathology Spreading
  11. Alzheimer's Disease: Prevention and Therapy
  12. Wireless Communication in the Brain: II. Evidence from Ultrasound Stimulation
  13. Wireless Communication in the Brain: III. Evidence from Traumatic Brain Injury
  14. Wireless Communication in the Brain: IV. Evidence from Seizure Progression
  15. The Role of Tubulin and CRMP2 in Neuronal Excitability
  16. Short Term Potentiation May Result from Tubulin Inhibition of NMDA Receptors
  17. Anchoring of Calcineurin to GluN2B Differentiates Its Contributions to LTD from GluN2A
  18. The Maintenance of LTP by PKMζ
  19. Memory Extinction, Retrieval and Consolidation: An Overview
  20. The Mechanism of Memory Extinction



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