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The infra-slow oscillation (ISO) refers to the oscillation in the range 0.005 Hz - 0.1 Hz (Lorincz et al, 2009; Hughes et al, 2011). This band is beyond the capability of traditional EEG (> 0.5 Hz). Perhaps for this reason, ISO was largely ignored, although it has been discovered as early as 1957 by using other methods (Aladjalova, 1957). Now both full-band EEG and fMRI can directly observe ISO. It has been found that ISO is an important feature of the "resting state networks" (Biswal et al, 1995; Broyd et al, 2011; Hiltunen et al, 2014), which play critical roles in consciousness and mental disorders.

5.1. Resting State Networks

5.2. Calcium Waves

5.3. The Origin of Infra-slow Oscillations

5.4. ISO-α and Basic Conscious State

5.5. The Content of Consciousness


Author: Frank Lee
First Published: July 24, 2016
Last updated: August 9, 2016