Geon Born to Forget: AMPAR Endocytosis Memory


The spine is a very dynamic structure. It changes constantly even in the absence of presynaptic stimulation. AMPA receptors (AMPARs) are continuously cycled into and out of the postsynaptic membrane through a constitutive (stimulation-independent) pathway (Anggono and Huganir , 2012). The LTP-increased AMPARs on the postsynaptic membrane will return to basal level in a few hours. Hence, the memory trace will be erased unless further processes that can maintain synaptic strength are induced.


Figure 4-1. The memory trace, increased number of synaptic AMPARs, may be erased by the constitutive endocytosis which removes AMPARs from the postsynaptic membrane. [Source: OpenStax College]


Author: Frank Lee
First Published: April 16, 2013