Geon Born to Forget, Die to Remember


Life review is a well-documented near-death experience. This book explains how the memories of life history can be retrieved after the heart has stopped beating for over 20 minutes.


1. Neuron and Nerve Impulse.

2. Synaptic Transmission.

3. Short-Term Memory Molecule: AMPAR.

4. We Are Born to Forget: AMPAR Endocytosis.

5. Forgetting by CaMKII Inhibition.

6. Forget Me Not: the Role of mGluR5 in Addiction.

7. Long-Term Memory: PKC and Microtubule Tracks.

8. Synaptic Reactivation: The Role of Tubulins.

9. I'll Never Forget: Go to Sleep.

10. Memory Consolidation: Tubulins Calling the Shots.

11. Slow Waves, Consciousness and the Geon.

12. Dreaming: the Conscious Memory Consolidation.

13. We Die to Remember: Exodus of Tubulins.

14. Continuity of Consciousness After Brain Death.

15. Summary.