Geon Born to Forget, Die to Remember



  1. Neuron and Nerve Impulse.
  2. Synaptic Transmission.
  3. Short-Term Memory Trace: Postsynaptic AMPAR.
  4. Born to Forget: AMPAR Endocytosis.
  5. Maintenance of Synaptic Strength by CaMKII.
  6. Phosphorylation of CaMKII at T305/T306 Causes Synaptic Inhibition
  7. Inhibition of Neuronal Firing by Tubulin and CRMP2.
  8. Differential Effects between NR2A and NR2B on Plasticity.
  9. Transitional Memory: PKMζ and PKCι/λ.
  10. Memory Extinction: Inhibition of NMDARs in Spines.
  11. Memory Extinction: Inhibition of NMDARs in Dendritic Shaft.
  12. Time Heals: The Role of BDNF in Memory Extinction.
  13. Tubulin Inhibition: Evidence from Silent Neurons.
  14. Tubulin Inhibition: Evidence from Short Term Potentiation.
  15. Tubulin Inhibition: Evidence from NR2B Phosphorylation by PKA.
  16. The General Mechanism of Memory Extinction and Retrieval.
  17. Memory Retrieval: The Role of Norepinephrine.
  18. Memory Retrieval: The Role of Acetylcholine.
  19. Memory Retrieval: The Role of Serotonin.
  20. Memory Extinction: The Role of Dopamine.
  21. Forget Me Not: The Role of mGluR5 in Addiction.
  22. Forget Me Not: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
  23. Memory Erasure by Post-Retrieval Extinction Training
  24. Never Forget: Microtubule Tracks.
  25. Memory Extinction: Post-traumatic Amnesia.
  26. Memory Consolidation: Dialogue Between Hippocampus and Cortex.
  27. Memory Consolidation: The Origin of Slow Oscillations.
  28. Memory Consolidation: NR2B-NR2A Switch.
  29. Memory Consolidation: Spine Generation and Elimination.
  30. Memory Consolidation: Neurite Growth and Retraction
  31. Die to Remember: Exodus of Tubulin from NMDARs.
  32. Die to Remember: End-of-Life EEG Surge.
  33. Summary.


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