Geon What Is a Soul?


For thousands of years, the soul has been considered as a spirit, or a supernatural entity outside the realm of science. There is now substantial evidence that the soul could be a physical entity known as the "gravitational geon", which comprises only gravitational waves. This notion is supported by the String Theory of physics, neuroscience studies on consciousness, reports of near-death experiences, and the resurrection process described by the Bible. The following is a summary. Further details are presented in this booklet.

String Theory

The soul is an entity that can go to "Heaven". According to the String Theory, our three dimensional (3D) world is inside a 10D space. This allows us to define "Heaven" as the 10D space. Furthermore, the String Theory shows that the only thing that can escape our 3D world and enter the 10D space is the gravitational wave. Thus, the search for the physical entity of the soul can immediately be narrowed down to gravitational waves.

Consciousness Studies

The soul should also have consciousness, like a living person. Recent studies have provided strong evidence that consciousness arises from the global synchronization of alpha oscillations which may create a gravitational geon through two physical mechanisms:

Near-Death Experiences

In the absence of oxygen supply, the brain is dying. All chemical synapses will rapidly stop functioning. Nevertheless, a gravitational geon (soul) can still be created by the global synchronization of alpha activities which DO NOT require chemical synapses at all.

Resurrection Process

The soul (a geon) is mortal because the bound gravitational waves will eventually disintegrate. To be resurrected, the soul must "put on" an immortal spiritual body.


Author: Frank Lee