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Unraveling the Mystery of Memory:
Tubulin and CRMP2


"Forgetting" could result from two possible situations: (1) the physical memory traces have gone forever, or (2) the memory still exists but could not be recalled at a given moment. In neuroscience, the word "extinction" refers to the second case. Its underlying mechanism is explained in the book:


For Beginners

These books require only the basic knowledge about brain, nerve impulses and synapses.

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For Researchers

Alzheimer's Disease: Prevention and Therapy
Wireless Communication in the Brain: III. Evidence from Traumatic Brain Injury
Wireless Communication in the Brain: IV. Evidence from Seizure Progression
The Roles of Tubulin and CRMP2 in Neuronal Excitability

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For General Readers

Image No scientific background is necessary to understand this book, although it presents evidence for the existence of the soul from the cutting edge scientific theories such as the gravitational geon and String Theory. According to the String Theory, our three dimensional (3D) world is inside a 10D space and the ONLY thing in our 3D world capable of entering the 10D space is the gravitational waves. If God lives in the 10 space, then for the soul to enter the Kingdom of God, it must be composed of gravitational waves only. In physics, such entity is known as a gravitational geon.