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Image For thousands of years, the soul has been considered as a spirit, or a supernatural entity outside the realm of science. There is now substantial evidence that the soul could be a physical entity known as the gravitational geon, which comprises only gravitational waves. This notion is supported by the String Theory of physics, neuroscience studies on consciousness, reports of near-death experiences, and the resurrection process described in the Bible.

The booklet is a concise presentation for laypeople.

Image Neuroscience studies have provided strong evidence that consciousness arises from globally synchronized alpha oscillations (Chapter 5 and Chapter 7). At a more fundamental level, consciousness may originate from the "gravitational geon" which is a bound state of gravitational (GR) waves generated by neuronal activities. Free GR waves will travel at the speed of light. However, the spherical shape of the brain allows for the creation of a bound state (geon) around the brain, through two physical mechanisms:

How can the gravitational geon give rise to consciousness? Chapter 9 presents an easy solution to the hard problem of consciousness. This easy solution can be tested experimentally from the analysis of EEG data.

Image Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders may arise from a common pathogenic cascade: BDNF deficiency > miR-132 down-regulation > Tau level up > Hyperexcitability > Calcium overload. Over-production of Tau proteins has been demonstrated to cause hyperexcitability. The activation of mTOR promotes Tau production. Therefore, mTOR activation enhances excitability. This novel mechanism is now well-documented (see Epilepsy and mTOR). The model agrees with the hyperfunction theory of aging and explains why mTOR plays a crucial role in aging.


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