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Recovery of Consciousness by Ultrasound

In 2016, a UCLA team showed that ultrasound could recover a man's consciousness from coma. This remarkable result ushered in a new era of ultrasound applications, not only for the recovery of consciousness, but also for the treatment of traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. Its underlying mechanism is discussed in this article.

Image For thousands of years, the soul has been considered as a spirit, or a supernatural entity outside the realm of science. There is now substantial evidence that the soul could be a physical entity known as the gravitational geon, which comprises only gravitational waves. This notion is supported by the String Theory of physics, neuroscience studies on consciousness, reports of near-death experiences, and the resurrection process described in the Bible.

The booklet is a concise presentation for laypeople.

Image This book proposes that the mind, defined as the immaterial part of a living person or animal, could comprise only gravitational (GR) and electromagnetic (EM) waves generated by brain activities. A free GR wave, like a free EM wave, propagates at the speed of light. The conscious mental state may arise from global synchronization of the brain's alpha rhythms, resulting in the creation of a gravitational geon - the bound state of GR waves. How the geon can give rise to consciousness is explained in Chapter 9.

GR waves have strong mutual attractive force, which is well suited for conscious perception, but they interact extremely weakly with matter. The mind-body interaction should be mediated by EM waves, which in turn is regulated by the Tau protein - the central player in Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. Chapter 10 presents three examples: (1) transformation of mental feeling into body's action by the striatum, (2) long range synchronization in the cerebral cortex, and (3) activation of grid cells in the entorhinal cortex. As expected, Tau pathology occurs mainly in the brain areas that are involved in the mind-body interaction.


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